Where Should You Go to Study Compositing?

Wednesday | 2021 09 01 | Lost Boys - School of VFX

Go to Lost Boys. There I’ve said it and I wholeheartedly stand by this.

You are free to look around, but I doubt you will find a better or more intense program out there. I was the first and I am the best at what I do. I have made bartenders, lawyers, dentist, Uniqlo sales people, military personals, etc into compositors.

Need Proof, check this out.

You could work in the Visual Effects industry a year from now or spend the next year trying to do hundreds of crappy online tutorials and wonder why no one wants to hire you.

And good luck trying to find a school that will give a damn after you graduate. Let alone, teach you how to manage your shots, ace interviews, negotiate salary, and know about job openings before they become public knowledge.

Want to know more, go here – https://lostboys-studios.com/advanced-visual-effects-compositing/

If you want to apply, go here – https://lostboys-studios.com/admissions/


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