Gnomon 2022 – Student Reel

We are proud to reveal the Gnomon 2022 Student Reel! Featuring a selection of the exceptional work produced by Gnomon’s student artists, the Gnomon 2022 Student Reel highlights the range of technical skills taught in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Production program, Certificate in Digital Production program, and extension courses, and includes pieces highlighting visual effects, animation, modeling, texturing, character design, games, environment creation, and more.

Katana – Showreel 2020

Our look development and lighting powerhouse #Katana tackles creative challenges with ferocity and ease. #Artists can work procedurally across whole sequences, share and reuse setups, make changes nondestructively, and avoid lengthy load times.

Integrations with USD-optimised tech enhance the existing unbridled flexibility and collaboration. The result: happy clients and incredible efficiency.

The numbers speak for themselves. Katana is used across eighteen countries and 36 cities, with over a decade’s worth of production-proven results seen in leading animation and #VFX studios worldwide.

Katana: Free up time. Unlock creativity.

Bringing you the tech and trends of tomorrow.
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FX Reel – MPC Film

MPC Film’s FX artists are experts in creating photo-realistic effects simulations. They’re the people behind the colossal destruction effects of Godzilla Vs Kong’s battle in Hong Kong, they set Cruella’s dress alight to create an unforgettable entrance, they crafted the naturalistic effects of the African Savanna for Disney’s The Lion King and brought a terrifying dust storm to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.


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