Jedi Academy Graduate Program

3 of my Students got selected for the Jedi Academy Graduate Program in July! They have since completed the program and Javier and Pamela got hired as compositors at ILM! How Freaking AWESOME is that! Nilson is on a break and most likely will be joining them in January.

After accomplishing all my goals for Lost Boys, I made a new 5 year goal earlier this year. To train one student so well that they can work at ILM as compositor right out of school. I guess I am going to have to set a new goal now.

Usually It took an artist 5 years working in the industry before they are even considered. And now I have 3 that got hired at ILM almost right out of my program.

Fun Fact! In total 5% of all the students I have thought are working at ILM at the moment!

No.2 in North America!

When I was in the Singapore Poly in 2001, I remembered after my first modeling exercise in 3dsmax 4 with Ahmad Al-Mahir At SP, I went home and cried. I felt all the hardwork I had done at Secondary School didn’t prepare me for this. I saw my friend Darius Chen breezing thru the exercise.

I on the other hand was totally lost. I didn’t know what I was doing and felt so stupid. I felt like I was back in Tamil class where my various Tamil teachers used to humilate me for my atrocious spelling and for not being able to enunciate words correctly.

Then I saw the Lord of the Rings later that same year with my best friend Mathivanan. I become curious as to how they did everything in that movie esp that balrog ( Sean Lewkiw ). I vowed to get better and maybe someday I too, could work on shows like this.I went to every library in Singapore, borrowed all the books, ripped every tutorial I can find on those topics and found Gnomon DVDs.

These guys were the best. Their tutorials so advanced and provided wicked insights. Being a noob, I used to watch them in 0.25x speed and studied which icons they clicked. To me, Gnomon was the benchmark. The School to beat. The best there was, the best there is.

For the past 5 years, despite everything Lost Boys did, we would lose out Gnomon in the Rookies. Always by a few points.

Then today, we beat them! We beat the MIT of VFX! Damn it! It feels so good!

We did it with programs that were half as long as theirs to boot too! Yes, I know these school rankings are superflous and gratuitous but it was always been my goal to have Lost Boys talked about the same reverence as Gnomon.

And I think they do now!

Graduation – LBS-026 & FXTD-013

Shot by : Tiago Aguiler

Music : Of Monsters And Men – Yellow Light (Cillo Remix)

A rare moment in Lost Boys history, where I managed to get a one of my students, Tiago, to help me shoot the entire graduation ceremony of my compers (LBS-026) and FXTDs (FXTD-013).

Now you know how much we at Lost Boys look forward to this day with every class.

Digital Gore – Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at our Digital Gore Project at Lost Boys.

In this project, students are going to animate, shade, light, render and composite a CG sword stabbing our puffer fish friend.

A frame from our shoot! (temp colour grade)

Where Should You Go to Study Compositing?

Go to Lost Boys. There I’ve said it and I wholeheartedly stand by this.

You are free to look around, but I doubt you will find a better or more intense program out there. I was the first and I am the best at what I do. I have made bartenders, lawyers, dentist, Uniqlo sales people, military personals, etc into compositors.

Need Proof, check this out.

You could work in the Visual Effects industry a year from now or spend the next year trying to do hundreds of crappy online tutorials and wonder why no one wants to hire you.

And good luck trying to find a school that will give a damn after you graduate. Let alone, teach you how to manage your shots, ace interviews, negotiate salary, and know about job openings before they become public knowledge.

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