Lighting and Rendering Masterclass with Katana – Trailer

Join Nihal Friedal, as he takes you through his Lighting Masterclass, designed to provide you with the full experience of a lighting artist. This comprehensive masterclass takes you through the lighting pipeline from start to finish. You’ll learn essential lighting theory and how to use Katana to create a studio-grade render.

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Foundation – Season 1 – Spin VFX

Based on the award-winning novels by Issac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.

VFX Supervisor Jeff Campbell, Supervising Producer Carrie Richardson, and VFX Producer Aakashi Patolawala brought this vision to life through earth-shattering explosions, detailed futuristic aircrafts, and out of the world views.

Foundation won 2 awards from 3 nominations at VES 2022, including the award for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode” and “Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project”.

Katana – Showreel 2020

Our look development and lighting powerhouse #Katana tackles creative challenges with ferocity and ease. #Artists can work procedurally across whole sequences, share and reuse setups, make changes nondestructively, and avoid lengthy load times.

Integrations with USD-optimised tech enhance the existing unbridled flexibility and collaboration. The result: happy clients and incredible efficiency.

The numbers speak for themselves. Katana is used across eighteen countries and 36 cities, with over a decade’s worth of production-proven results seen in leading animation and #VFX studios worldwide.

Katana: Free up time. Unlock creativity.

Bringing you the tech and trends of tomorrow.
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Katana 5.0 – Redefining Your Workflow

Crack collaboration wide open with Katana 5.0. Reduce pipeline friction, build bridges across teams, and experience a whole new way to create.

Featuring our most powerful architecture to date, Katana 5.0 allows look development and lighting artists to stream their live renders to a running version of Nuke, so they can view their work in context of the final comp, in near-real time. Any changes made in Katana automatically update in Nuke for a more holistic view of the creative process.

Coupled with essential feature upgrades like Foresight+, USD workflow improvements and Hydra Render Delegate support, Katana 5.0 becomes a must-have for your creative toolkit.

The next generation of look development and lighting is now. Expect near-limitless creativity underpinned by seamless collaboration, reduced feedback loops and iterations, and a holistic approach to achieving that perfect final render.

00:00 Intro
00:26 Foresight+
02:22 Viewport Enhancements
04:34 Look Development
06:26 Refreshed Material Node User Interface
07:57 USD Workflow Improvements
08:47 Nuke Bridge

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Sweet Home – Making Monsters Come Alive with Nuke

Netflix’s monstrous smash-hit Sweet Home lurched onto our streams and screens in 2020, brought to life by renowned Korean studio Westworld. Join Westworld’s compositing team in this must-see webinar for a deep-dive into their creative workflow behind the hit series and expert advice on how to achieve Netflix-worthy content with Nuke, Foundry’s compositing software. This video is in Korean with English subtitles.

Presenter: Hyun Seok Oh,Compositing Team Manager, Westworld

How to Become a Nuke Technical Director

Considering a career as technical director, or just want to find out more? Join four of the industry’s top Nuke TDs as they offer exclusive insight into their role – what it took to get there, challenges they faced along the way, and advice on how to overcome these. Hosted by Christy Anzelmo, Foundry’s Director of Product – Compositing & Finishing, this roundtable will dive into what the daily life of a TD and technical artist looks like, and how they optimize their pipelines to help fulfil their creative vision.

Download Nuke Non Commercial

If you are interested in compositing, there is no better program out there than Nuke. Unfortunately, it is a little intimidating to figure out just which version of Nuke you should download and use.

Hence, I made a video explaining the major differences between the different free versions of Nuke and my personal recommendation to someone who is just starting out.

Also, if you are interested in learning Nuke, I recommend you save yourself a ton of headaches and get my Nuke UI (currently the world most in-depth Nuke UI Tutorial) & Intro to Comp Bundle.

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