Glass Onion – A Knives Out Mystery – DNEG

Unwrap the VFX layers behind the mystery. Our new breakdown for ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ is here!

From the Glass Onion itself to full Greek island environmnets, explosions and more, our team delivered 510 shots to bring Rian Johnson’s latest mind-bending thriller to life. We’re so proud of their work on this one!

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Stranger Things – Season 4 – DNEG

Take a trip into the upside down with us to learn more about our work on Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4!

Enjoy this peek behind-the-scenes of the creative process behind the epic Vecna bat battle sequence. From the initial inspiration to seamlessly stitching together the final scene, DNEG’s Neil Eskuri (VFX Supervisor), Anita Borcsok (Environment Supervisor), S Rajuganesh (CG Supervisor) and Carlos Rosas (Animation Supervisor) have all the details.

Dune – Beyond Sand & Spice – DNEG

Nominated for 10 Academy Awards — including ‘Best Visual Effects’ — Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic 1965 novel has received international acclaim from audiences and critics alike. ‘Dune’ also marks a continuation of DNEG’s creative collaboration with Villeneuve, having previously delivered Oscar and BAFTA-winning VFX as lead VFX partner on his 2017 film, ‘Blade Runner 2049’.

In this DNEG Deep Dive, the Dune dream team shared never-before-shared insights about how visual effects helped create Villeneuve’s immersive cinematic experience. Moderated by well-known VFX and animation journalist Ian Failes, our panel featured Overall VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert, DNEG VFX Executive Producer Janet Yale, DNEG VFX Supervisors Tristan Myles and Brian Connor, and DNEG Animation Director Robyn Luckham.

Dune – DNEG

Stunning visuals abound in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Giant space vessels transport people from world to world with the aid of ‘the Spice’. House of Atreides’ ornithopters flutter, insect-like, around the desert planet of Arrakis, while Harkonnen ships land omniously at Arrakeen to begin a one of several epic ground battles in the film. While Arrakeen, itself, lies in the rocky desert like a massive tomb. And below the ground, massive sand worms move, displacing the sand above, emerging at intervals to devour whole mining vessels.

Footage of exteriors from Norway, Abu Dhabi, and Wadi Rum in Jordan, as well as interiors from the huge Origo Studios soundstage and backlot in Budapest, Hungary, are combined. Their practical effects enhanced with CG to create effects that look like they belong in the real world.

The heads of the DNEG departments involved in the making of the Dune visual effects: Paul Lambert – Production VFX Supervisor, Tristan Myles – VFX supervisor (Vancouver), Brian Connor – VFX supervisor (Montreal), and Robyn Luckham – Animation Director, sit down to talk with us about just how they created those amazing Dune visual effects!

Jungle Cruise – DNEG

Step into the cave and learn more about DNEG’s work on Disney’s Jungle Cruise!

Enjoy this peek behind-the-scenes with DNEG VFX Supervisor Chris Downs as he details the creative process behind constructing the ‘moon roof’ that helps ignite the magic behind the show’s climactic ‘tree of life’.


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