Black Panther – Wakanda Forever – Cinesite

Working alongside production VFX supervisor Geoff Baumann, 2nd unit supervisor Michael Ralla and VFX producer Nicole Rowley, Cinesite’s London and Montreal studios together delivered close to 400 visual effects shots, with the London division delivering a single 10-minute sequence and Montreal a range of sequences across the film. Cinesite’s VFX supervisor for London was Ben White and Jennifer Meire for Montreal. Read the full case study here… #vfx #vfxbreakdown #visualeffects #vfxshowreel #wakandaforever #blackpanther #marvel #wakanda #blackpanthermovie #marvelstudios

Animation Showreel – Cinesite

Discover a small selection of the beautiful animated adventures that our teams have brought to life! Find out more about Cinesite’s animation services at:…

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Cyrano – Cinesite

From director Joe Wright comes this lush, musical retelling of the timeless tale of Cyrano de Bergerac. Set against a baroque cityscape, self-conscious wordsmith Cyrano helps young Christian to win the heart of Roxanne, who Cyrano secretly loves. Cyrano has been nominated for Outstanding British Film in the 2022 BAFTA film awards.

This lush production includes around 100 invisible visual effects, which range from environments and set extensions to retimes, CG blood, swords, fires, clean-ups and an action-packed, fast-paced long-shot, which sees Cyrano single-handedly besting a mob of attackers.

Visual Effects Supervisor for the production (and Cinesite) was Artemis Oikonomopoulou. The film is produced by Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner of Working Title, along with Guy Heeley.

The Witcher – Season 2 – Basilisk – Cinesite

The three terrifying Basilisks which feature in the final episode of The Witcher’s second season, are some of the deadliest creatures our hero has ever encountered. Developing the look of them was a year-long journey for Cinesite’s team.

Despite being assembled from a range of creatures’ anatomy, the Basilisks needed to look and move cohesively, with the animators carefully integrating them with the stunning on set fight choreography. On top of all that, they required fur, feathers AND scales – quite the challenge! Find out more about Cinesite’s work on The Witcher S2 here

Respect – Cinesite

Cinesite’s Montreal team created visual effects for the biographical drama based on the life of iconic singer Aretha Franklin. Respect is the second autobiographical drama Cinesite has completed, following the Elton John biopic Rocketman. The film follows the tempestuous and inspiring life of iconic soul singer Aretha Franklin.

FX supervisor Holger Voss worked closely with production VFX supervisor and producer Sean Nowlan, assisting on set and sharing the benefit of his prior experience as VFX supervisor on Rocketman

Black Widow – Cinesite

Cinesite’s seventh film in the Marvel franchise, Black Widow is a prequel which follows the events of Captain America: Civil War. Having aided and abetted the Avengers who were against the Sokovia Accords, Natasha Romanoff finds herself alone on the run from the government and forced to confront her past.

In contrast with the other-worldly effects created for previous Avengers films, Cinesite’s VFX for Black Widow was terrestrial, ranging from helicopters to cars, a laboratory and a prison.


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