RRR – Intermission Fight – Makuta Visual Effects

Tuesday | 2022 09 27 | Making of - Movies

The first time that fire and water come together in conflict needed to be iconic and art directed digitally for the sparks and fire formation, plus the digital water for the spinning shots to ensure a balance between the forces, culminating in a major fist-fight on the balcony which had digital props and environment. This was also digitally extended and rebuilt totally for key stunt shots and sweeping camera moves.

After the first Covid lockdown, filming on this scene resumed with a reduced set which needed to be recreated digitally for the hand-to-hand fight sequence. In addition to this, we created the entire palace grounds layout after LiDAR scanning the space for the opening establisher and build-up shots showcased the exterior gate at night along with fully digital sets and characters to populate the crowd not only at the start, but within the entire fight sequence as well.


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