Roohi – Redchillies VFX

Saturday | 2022 03 19 | Making of - Movies

One of our most prized works in 2020, Roohi was a challenging project, given that it happened in the heart of the pandemic. Thanks to our dedicated and talented team, our work from home model #RCWoho made it possible to achieve our imagined results. The movie is beautifully enhanced with various visual effects. The major one is the facework of Janhvi Kapoor, with protruding veins, multiple eye retinas and a ghastly look to do justice to the character. Also, building the world of Roohi was a delight of its own. With derelict dark forests and mountains, the end result is a wonderful mix of practical and visual effects. Thanks to our colour team at Redchillies.color, everything merged together to look so visually striking! We hope that you enjoy seeing our work. Do follow us on our social handles to stay up to date with our current work.


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