Nuke 13.1 – Overview

Thursday | 2021 11 25 | Software Updates

Nuke 13.1 brings power to you and your pipeline.

Building on Nuke 13.0, our latest release focuses on improving user experience, timeline improvements and giving you a streamlined workflow.

As part of this, we’re introducing the new UnrealReader node, bringing the power of NukeX to real-time projects. With an easy interface, on-demand render pass generation, and camera syncing with Unreal Engine, the Unreal Reader reduces pipeline friction and streamlines your real-time projects.

We’ve also modernized Nuke’s 3D user experience, making it easier for artists to work in its 3D space. With upgrades to the 3D transform handles, improved controls for the 3D pivot point, and the ability to easily move geometry, artists get a greater user experience inside Nuke.

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