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Thursday | 2021 09 09 | Recommended - Read

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To be a great compositor, you will need to know how light works and how it can be manipulated to create realistic composites.

Throughout my years of teaching, I often come across students whom seemed to struggle with understanding how light works in the physical world. Everything we do in the computer is but a crude approximation of the physical world. If you don’t know how light works in the physical world, how are you supposed to create photo real composites.

Yes, you might have had some classes in physics class about the angle of reflection and refractive indices, but how many of you understand why things look like the way they do.

The book, Light for Visual Artists, aims to guide artists about the fundamentals properties of natural and artificial light. If you are wondering if this book is one of those dry physics textbooks, rest assured, the author has written in a manner that won’t put you to sleep.

This book is divided into 3 Sections:

Section 1 : The fundamentals of light are explained with a focus on taking the underlying scientific concepts and explaining them in an artist-friendly manner.

Section 2 : Those concepts are then deployed on common subject matter, and the book details how to light people and environments in depth.

Section 3 : The creative application of light are explained and concepts such as staging, mood, and symbolism are demonstrated in great detail.

I highly recommend this book because it covers everything from the technical to the creative and is the most thorough, and scientific book on lighting available for compositors.


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