Katana 5.0 – Redefining Your Workflow

Monday | 2021 12 13 | Software Updates

Crack collaboration wide open with Katana 5.0. Reduce pipeline friction, build bridges across teams, and experience a whole new way to create.

Featuring our most powerful architecture to date, Katana 5.0 allows look development and lighting artists to stream their live renders to a running version of Nuke, so they can view their work in context of the final comp, in near-real time. Any changes made in Katana automatically update in Nuke for a more holistic view of the creative process.

Coupled with essential feature upgrades like Foresight+, USD workflow improvements and Hydra Render Delegate support, Katana 5.0 becomes a must-have for your creative toolkit.

The next generation of look development and lighting is now. Expect near-limitless creativity underpinned by seamless collaboration, reduced feedback loops and iterations, and a holistic approach to achieving that perfect final render.

00:00 Intro
00:26 Foresight+
02:22 Viewport Enhancements
04:34 Look Development
06:26 Refreshed Material Node User Interface
07:57 USD Workflow Improvements
08:47 Nuke Bridge

Discover Katana 5.0 here: https://hubs.ly/Q010Clvp0
Try Katana: https://hubs.ly/Q010CmMp0
For more Katana Tutorials, head over to https://learn.foundry.com/katana


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