HALO – Season 1 – Rodeo FX

Friday | 2022 09 09 | Making of - TV Shows

Halo was a challenge on several levels for the team: it was our first collaboration between Rodeo and Paramount+; taking on a highly anticipated video game adaptation that many fans had been asking for; and finally, we were tasked with creating environments that were going to surround the characters throughout the entire season, and beyond. The stakes were high, and the final results speak for themselves.

We started the adventure nearly 3 years ago with different tests right before the pandemic hit. As production resumed, our team went back to it and started the meticulous work of adapting a gigantic base of concept art references. While some locations were taken straight from the game, some were altered to better reflect the show’s vision.

From Reach City to Oban (Garbage City), Eridanus to Madrigal Outpost, join us on a deep journey through space as we look at the work done on season one of Halo.


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