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Friday | 2022 02 18 | Making of - Movies

Stunning visuals abound in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Giant space vessels transport people from world to world with the aid of ‘the Spice’. House of Atreides’ ornithopters flutter, insect-like, around the desert planet of Arrakis, while Harkonnen ships land omniously at Arrakeen to begin a one of several epic ground battles in the film. While Arrakeen, itself, lies in the rocky desert like a massive tomb. And below the ground, massive sand worms move, displacing the sand above, emerging at intervals to devour whole mining vessels.

Footage of exteriors from Norway, Abu Dhabi, and Wadi Rum in Jordan, as well as interiors from the huge Origo Studios soundstage and backlot in Budapest, Hungary, are combined. Their practical effects enhanced with CG to create effects that look like they belong in the real world.

The heads of the DNEG departments involved in the making of the Dune visual effects: Paul Lambert – Production VFX Supervisor, Tristan Myles – VFX supervisor (Vancouver), Brian Connor – VFX supervisor (Montreal), and Robyn Luckham – Animation Director, sit down to talk with us about just how they created those amazing Dune visual effects!


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