MPC Episodic Take 2 – Pipeline TD with Lizzie

Lizzie Shiers is our Software/Technical Director and has been at MPC Episodic for over a year. After graduating from Physics, with first-class honours, Lizzie studied and worked in Korea for over 3 years before returning to the UK to work as a TD at DNEG. Thanks for being first up for our new talent series, Lizzie! We hope you all enjoy learning more about Lizzie and life at MPC Episodic.

How to Become a Nuke Technical Director

Considering a career as technical director, or just want to find out more? Join four of the industry’s top Nuke TDs as they offer exclusive insight into their role – what it took to get there, challenges they faced along the way, and advice on how to overcome these. Hosted by Christy Anzelmo, Foundry’s Director of Product – Compositing & Finishing, this roundtable will dive into what the daily life of a TD and technical artist looks like, and how they optimize their pipelines to help fulfil their creative vision.


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