Recreating the Past Using VFX with 3ds Max

Time travel is possible with 3ds Max. Experience the Viking Age, 18th, and 20th century within 30 minutes, as 3D Generalist, Thomas Berg, breaks down VFX scenes from Olav, World War 2, and Great Northern War documentaries.

Part of Autodesk’s Vision Series at SIGGRAPH 2021

NVIDIA Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022

Join NVIDIA’s CEO and senior leaders to get a glimpse into the future of AI-infused virtual worlds. Discover how NVIDIA Omniverse closes the gap between physical and virtual worlds. See NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) in action, and how it helps users easily build and customize virtual assistants and digital humans. And learn how neural graphics is accelerating graphics pipelines, making metaverse content creation available to all.

How Does a Camera Work?

Cameras are everywhere! There are probably 2 or even 3 cameras in your pocket right now. But how do they work? How can they take some of the most amazing pictures ever?

Fyber – Hair Grooming – Sony Pictures Imageworks

Fyber is Sony Pictures Imageworks’ proprietary, standalone software solution for grooming hair and fur of 3D animated characters. Fyber aims to combine the two traditional workflows of hair grooming by allowing the artist to go back and forth between procedural and artistic sculpting workflows.

Fyber was developed to address the need for a faster, more interactive, and more artist-friendly tool to generate any kind of hair, ranging from a character’s head hair to fully furred animals, with the goal to significantly lower grooming times and an easier learning experience for new artists.

As a node-based software, Fyber offers great flexibility to achieve any look an artist might desire while also providing fast visual feedback thanks to its highly multi-threaded computation graph and integrated OpenGL and Arnold viewports.

How are Images Compressed?

You’ve probably saved 1000s of JPEG images, but do you know what exactly JPEG does? Our smartphones and cameras save images in JPEG format, furthermore, the majority of images you see on the internet are saved using JPEG compression. This format is everywhere, but do you know exactly how it works? Well in this video we’re going to explore the JPEG compression format. This is a rather complicated video, so it may take watching it a few times through to understand it all.


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