Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Wednesday | 2021 09 22 | 12 Bit for 12 K

The footage you see above is from our digital gore project. I was on B-Camera when I shot this plate for our students to use in a future digital make-up project. Shot on my pocket 4k. This isn’t the final grade but the temp grade I made for preview purposes.

The heart of any camera rig is well the camera.

I chose the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. It is a mouthful, so from here on out I will call it the pocket 4k.

After spending almost 1 year researching which camera to buy, I decided I would get the Sony FS7. The deciding factor came when I watched the gold standard of camera Reviews. Philip Bloom made what I considered the best damn camera review I had ever seen on YouTube and the footage by the gods, it was beautiful.

And then out of nowhere, the pocket 4k showed up. After looking at what it can do and finally seeing the price, it blew me away. An $1800 camera that can shoot 12 Bit Colour!

To me, the most important thing was having that color depth. As long as you have that data, you can do some amazing things with the footage so long as you expose it to the right. Even if I didn’t, I can sure as hell fix it in post. You know because that is what I do.

Yes, the battery life sucks, no NDs, no image body stabilization, storage media sucks, magenta shift, audio is not great, no articulating screen, no EVF, the list can go on.

But in the coming weeks, I will show you how I solved the issues I had with the pocket 4k without breaking the bank.

Remember the goal here is not to buy the best camera gear (the Sony FS7 cost around $9,500) but instead I was looking for the best bang for your buck kind of gear and when it comes to that, no one is going to beat Blackmagic.

Price – $1836.45 (06 April 2019)
When I bought this camera, it was sold out and back-ordered throughout Canada. In fact, I got my hands on my camera 2 months after I had made my purchase.


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