Ask for Criticism

Saturday | 2021 10 16 | Personal Betterment

Nobody wants to get slap in the face. Asking for critisim especially about the work you created, is asking for a slap in the face. The more brutal the feedback, the more opportunities for you to grow. In the long run, a slap in the face is going to have a lot more mileage than a pat on the back.

If you show your work to others and ask them their opinion, they would most likely say nice things to you.

Next time, ask them what’s wrong with it.

They might not say what you want to hear but the odds are, they are going to go with their gut and tell you how they feel about it.

The truth hurts. But you shouldn’t get your ego get in the way. If it doesn’t look photo-real then it doesn’t.

You now know which parts of your work aren’t reading as photo-real.


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